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Rize is a decentralized organization of freelancers building web and mobile applications.

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We provide accessible and remote missions from design to development to our community.

Work remotely with the freedom to to choose when and on what project you want to work.

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We try to provide you the best working environment by providing you the best tools on the market.

Our team is here to support you, if you got any difficulties.

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Get paid 50% at mission delivery to generate revenues instantly

and the rest 2 weeks later.

Talent is evenly distributed, but opportunities aren’t.

Everyone must be able to work regardless of their age, color, sex, origin or culture. Skills will always take priority over qualifications or experience.


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Our Missions

From design to development, find the missions that match your skills. Each application project is divided into missions which can be completed between 1 hour and 5 days, all missions are achievable remotely and accessible to all our freelancers.

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Work when you want, you are responsible of your schedule

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